Monday, June 04, 2007

The End.

Went to the Critic's Table thingies again this year. Did not win again, but again had too many gin and tonics(mutually exclusive or inexorably linked?). Anyway blog, I've been thinking, maybe we'd be better off without each other. Maybe logging all my complaints is slowly filling me with the pungent bile of pre-pubescent diary pages.
Remember how Blossom had a diary on "Blossom?" Well, it really slowed the show down.

Maybe if I didn't write in you I would be a productive citizen of the world, saving anachronistic disco babies, drafting mideast pool-party treaties and finding bubblegum-flavored cures for drug-resistant tuberculosis. If only! (places Irish pumpkin head on shoulders in sad, anglo-ish plea for something more exotic).

The End.


Damn said...

WTF am I suppose to do? This comment block is my blog. Well, I am on Team stay Jane-ish if it matters. It's been swell but it seems the swelling has gone down for you.

p.s stick to gin cause alcholics prefer vodka

minimonk said...

You are born to write whether in a blog or somewhere else! You do have a loyal following who will miss you. Maybe now and then you could write a column reflecting on the power of positive thinking; that way you could be 'fair and balanced' and not in need of gin. (White wine or light beer is healthier anyway!)Your biggest fan.

d. said...
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Ali Fitzgerald said...

Jesus. I was joking.