Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I deleted someone else's snarky comment and now feel guilty for having done so as it is not in my nature to be all Fahrenheit 451 about the power of words. But oh well, it made me mad. And in this here blog, I reign supreme with my civil-rights stealing trident of awesomeness.
No I'm not quitting my blog (why are people suddenly taking me seriously?), and no the previous entry was not an attempt to get people to love all up on me, I am just whiny and threatened sometimes: which is why I started a blog. Coincidentally, I think that's why blogs exist. I pity the blog-reader who is exposed constantly to the haikus, wish lists and prayer pages of well-adjusted and well-intentioned bloggers. Yawn. Buhhhh-oring. That would be like watching Rachel Ray over and over again. Yuck. Dysfunction and the acknowledgement thereof is what keeps the world turning. Normalcy is that strange state as defined by Bill Cosby and his perfect t.v. children.

In other news:
I am re-watching Carnivale, which still makes very little sense.
I am painting a giant diorama about the trials of "Scared Little White Girl," who is really skinny and pink.
I have become obsessed with drug-resistant tuberculosis and the "monster-hog" that was killed in Alabama (google it immediately)
I am currently reading or re-reading the following: the Canterbury Tales, Angela Carter's "Bloody Chamber," Mike Smith's new book of drawings.


jasper said...

I started taking you seriously when you posted a poem.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Oops. Ok, I get it now.

d. said...

I'm always hoping to provoke a response but I never imagined you would take my comments any more seriously than you say you intend your postings to be. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and sorry. But if I find that you weren’t really serious about being angry and caused me to make a chump out of myself and expose my vulnerability I’m going to be really pissed.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

d.---I was for serious. But I think I may have been a little overly sensitive to your remarks. I think I was overly sensitive about being overly sensitive. It was just one of those days. And plus, I have blogging tourette's as mentioned in an earlier blog entry. No hard feelings, d.