Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last night I:
went to the Chain Drive which is a seedy "Bear" bar in East Austin. There were men in chaps, men in leather harnesses, and Ted Haggard! Risa and I were the only ones there without the requisite bulge. Or were we? Dooodle-do-doodle-do-doodle-do.
-The sound written above is an ancient time-alteration technique as taken from Wayne in "Wayne's World"

Also, I am thinking about moving to Reykavik.


e. said...

I think I saw you there. You were clean shaven and femmish, I was the burly guy with a roll of Susan B. Anthony dollars in his pocket.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Clever use of quarters E. I sense a fun night on the town ending with dirty arcade games! But then, very few machines take Susan B. Anthony currency these days. What a sham.