Wednesday, June 13, 2007

N.C you laters.

Leave tomorrow for North Carolina to visit fam. Have secured job at Southwestern, which is located in the idyllic port side suburb Georgetown, Texas. Actually, it is not port side; it is police-state side as it is best known for its disgruntled lawmen and a newly christened Popeye's.

Onto other Southern hotspots on my tour of the big ole' belt that keeps all that biblical flub tight! Flub? Is that a word? Spell checker didn't correct me, so I guess it is.

In North Carolina/South Carolina (my location depends on my current girth, stance and position on confederate flag-flying) I will:

-start a new series of drawrins' as per my homespun studio residency in the basement-thing of my mom's condo (she makes me sleep downstairs with moth-men, trolls and the ghost of Jerry Falwell!). That futon is not big enough mother, not nearly big enough.
-canoodle my baby sister's baby puppy. So much cuteness, so much cuteness.
-watch wonderful "on demand" items like "Flushed Away."
-Sip things with double straws with my B.F.F.F.F.F. Alaina, whose dysfunctions mirror my own in very pleasant ways.
-visit my alma mater, "Davidson College," where I shall smite and spit and pillage (and maybe have coffee with a professor or two).
-Go to a family wedding in D.C. with my 89 year old grandma. Jealous?
-Swim, swim, swim.

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