Thursday, June 28, 2007

I shall also be teaching Introductory Drawing at U.T. in the fall. Annnnnd, I have an interview at Miller Blueprint tomorrow for a part-time position. Now I have too many jobs. Oh the tragicomic turns my life takes. Since I am going to be a professor of sorts, I will need to be more of a church-going, monocle-wearing, ethics-enforcing, big word-spewing, pantsuited type of gal. So, from now on, I will limit the discussion in this blog to the following topics:

-the new Creationism Museum in Kentucky.


Damn, I can't sleep said...

now playing 59 seconds of "welcome back, kotter" theme song

God Bless.

Karri Paul said...

Congrats, my monocled dah-ling!

(BTW, this word verification thing always takes me like four tries. It's an unnecessarily frustrating mind-bender, brain-teaser, rompe-cabeza, etc. for me. Hence I complain.)

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Welcome back, Damn It.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I heart John Travolta and his crazy thoughts about psychotropic drugs.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Karri-thanks. We best be hanging out tonight at your opening.