Monday, July 23, 2007

Much like Stella, (although without the help of a well-chiseled Taye Diggs) I have gotten my groove back. Yes, that's right, MelancALI is gone and a work-producing, well-adjusted, patriotic American resides in her place (which was marked with wet hot tears and old Belle and Sebastian LPs). I have been making little dioramas about the trials and tribulations of Sad Little White Girl and they are getting progressively less shitty.

*Although they still retain the level of shittiness that is my signature.

And what do I listen to these days in the studio, you may ask? Well, after some initial resistance, I've given those new emo brit girls a chance. You know, that Amy Winehouse lady and her compatriot Lily Allen. I'm also re-listening to Regina Spektor and my family member in soul only, Ella Fitzgerald.

Speaking of studio, I think I'm getting a new one (or a real one). It's in a tree house! I'm really not shitting you. I am so excited, it is the most awesome (and affordable) studio I've ever seen. And it's in a tree house! With a balcony! Right above Barton Springs! And I'm going to install one of those "Home Alone" string-rides! And I'm going to have tree house orgy parties! With togas! And a Swiss Family Robinson lock-in! And it's in a tree house! I think I have mosaic down-syndrome as regards my uber excitement about my tree-house-cum-studio.

In other news,
I am coordinating a top-secret project with a few lovely lady writers. No, it doesn't involve some Bloomsbury Group tree house orgy clan....or does it?
I watched "Spellbound" for the first time the other day. I was riveted. But then, I love me some spelling.
I read the last 10 pages of Risa's copy of "Harry Potter" and now hold it over everyone that I know what happens. I've never done that before, loathe as I am to know an ending, but I hate J.K. Rowling's prose and refuse to really read them. Sorry wizarding friends.
My class is cute, and we have interesting critiques. They write stuff down when I talk and I just want to shake them and tell them I'm verbally incontinent and no one can teach art anyhow.


Karri Paul said...

Shitty signature. Mmm.

Top secret? Mmm.

Treehouse? Mmm.

Cute? Mmmm.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

mmmmm indeed.

damn said...

Inspiring, I will stop boozing and whoring and make shit that isn't shit. Yeah. thanks

Nancy McDonald said...

I would love to critique your TreeHouse...Or sit in on one of your critiques.

Alison said...

There will be no critiquing my tree-house. Only sparkly delicious praise and red wine waterfalls. But you are definitely invited for those things.