Monday, July 02, 2007

Now UT wants me to teach a Summer class starting next week. I am the shit.

*Or someone else was the shit, turned U.T. down and then it came groveling to me like some sad little state institution, longhorn between its legs. Whatever, who's counting? Answer: me.

Sometimes everything just congeals in my head like some mindslug, and I am unable to tear apart the little creature in any sort of satisfactory way. Is it because it is too hot? It is too hot. When I went to a wedding in D.C. the other week, whenever anyone asked me about Texas, I just replied, "it's really, really hot." Now, this is partly because I am an asshole, especially as formal parties and the like, but also because it is just too fucking hot here. How do I forget every Summer? I have like some seasonal Memento disease that blocks out memories above 80 degrees.

Here's my "Why the fuck am I still in grad-school philosophical bullshit mode?" question of the week:
Is moral relativism the same as spinelessness? I always declared myself a moral relativist but is that just because I am lazy? Who knows. I can't decide whether I need more conviction or more Kant. Maybe both. See? I can't decide.

coincidentally, "w.t.f.a.i.s.i.g.s.p.b.m.?" questions will be part of a recurring series ending with my complete and total lobotomy.


jasper said...

Having just watched "Deliver Us From Evil" I find it difficult to swallow the idea of immorality as simply relative or circumstantial. Although this will pass as soon as I am over the initial emotional shock of watcing the "most fucked up child date rape movie of the year" ouch.

Anonymous said...

111 degrees in Vegas. That's Hot!

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Ooooh, I know that description shouldn't entice me into watching it does.

Vegas rulez.

Karri Paul said...

Yes, Alison, let's get lunch. I'm anxiously awaiting your ever-so-mysterious questions!

Karedeth (my little-known full first name)

Karri Paul said...

Oh, call me so we can pick a day/place.