Friday, July 27, 2007

So I had a fabulusssss weekend, which came as a surprise because it was in San Antonio, which as we know incites me to anger with it's fancy riverwalking and alamo merchandise. Who do you think you are San Antonio, Santa Fe?
But this time I got to spend time with one of my favorite art-stars, Marie Lorenz who had an opening at ArtPace.

Check it: MarieLorenz

She makes semi-functional boats, anti-historical woodcuts about the likes of Lewis and Clark, daily comics that rock my world (and coincidentally, are often about rocks), among other amazing things. I would check out her project "Tide and Current Taxi" as it is an amusing guerilla-type intervention in New York's harbor.

Annnnnd, Arturo and I got to stay in one of the fancy ArtPace apartments they gave Marie which made my week because as you now know, I like fancy things that are free and come equipped with beer. Arturo and I sat around all day watching VH1, reading about the legacy of ArtPace, wondering which hawt artists had done it in the apartment (I think Carolee Schneeman stayed in the apt. in 99'--it was like our scrolls were touching). Also, last night Marie, Arturo and I snuck out a window to the ArtPace roof where we imbibed red wine and gurgly conversations about architecture from the Reagan era.

Then, tonight I went to Unit B for Risa's curatorial gift to San Antone, which was a great two-person show with Erin Curtis and Karen Mahaffy. However, I'm getting sick and thus came back from San Antonio relatively early. Early enough to escape the wrath I feel when I stay in the S.A. too long.

*I am sad though to have missed this one Dragon exhibit in S.A. that advertised by stating "Here be Dragons."

*Annnnd, this weekend I might get to spend some time with another one of my favorite art-stars, Mr. Trenton Doyle Hancock himself.

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