Saturday, August 04, 2007

After 14 hours of sleep, I am feeling finally better! I also had 3 consecutive sex dreams last night. Too much information? Maybe, but I think this proves (at least anecdotally), that sex is a recuperative force, and perhaps a panacea for the world's non-sex-related issues.

I made a diorama last night that centers around Sad Little White Girl attending a shark-themed cathedral. Sometime this week I will take pics of mah new shit and put them online. I promise.

I am at Clementine, pretending to sketch but really just reliving my sex dreams. Yum.


Ali Fitzgerald said...

More than one person said this was "too much information." But do you know what, they are Puritans and pussies. Talking about sex dreamz rulez.

jasper said...

I can't have sex dreams for the life of me, last one was me and Ricky Martin getting it on in an 89 Iroc. How's that for too much info?