Sunday, August 19, 2007

At the risk of being Minority Report-like E-arrested, I will divulge that I have been indulging in a little Mary Jane lately. I decided that I do not like this particular downer. It makes me nonverbal and look like a tousled Andre 3000. But it's Summer, right?

I've never been a pothead, and truth be told, am quite frightened by any hallucinatory or otherwise mind-expanding drug. I was very into DARE, but was beat out for "lead DARE officer" by my BFF Kelly. Ironically, Kelly introduced me to the harsher things in life including cigarettes, gossip and skittled Zimas. She then went on to work at Hooters.
I met up with her in VA during my freshman year of college and she had nails as long as my head. But she ordered the same thing she always ordered when we were pre-teens--biscuits and gravy. I miss Kelly a lot, she was like my sister (this particular nostalgic moment was sponsored by Karri Paul and her "top ten").

*I did however smoke the hasheesh fairly often when I lived in the Moroccan district in Spain (see countless entries about Schwarmas and lost brain cells). But like Summer-smoking, European pot-smoking doesn't count. I'm an angel.

*I bought these amazing glass vitrines and am in the process of resin-ing my dioramas into the most fucked up snow globes on the planet.

*I think I may have made up "lead DARE officer" but it was something like that.

*There were some pretty amazing "spirit sticks" at Nohegan. I liked Josh Rios' best of all. Bob wore a balloon hat which got the number two cool prize.

*Stop e-mailing me asking me out on dates, this is a blog not a sex store!

*I made that up.


Jasper said...

Hey Mary Jane-ish

Sending you a pic of Nancy Reagan. Stick it on the fridge!

So will you go on a date with me or what?

Alison said...

Wars' the pic? Nancy gets me hot, so it's a yes!

jasper said...

Pic? um, hey look over there!

Pick you up at 8, be ready and smell nice.