Monday, August 13, 2007

I had some weird sauna-induced visionquest today. Maybe it was the confluence of semi-nude human bodies, maybe it was my XTREME (!) dehydration brought on by running three miles with a tiny Camel-coated windpipe, or maybe it was the way the wood backing tenderized me like a piece of ali-meat. Whatever man, everything is making sense.

I need to stop worrying about other people and whether or not they like me/want to be my friend/want to do me/like my art/hate my art/ misinterpret my art/misconstrue my online persona/want something from me/judge me as the hedonist I sometimes am/ try to bludgeon me to death with my own cold hand.

People are autonomous and crazy lil' creatures, and I control no one but myself. I have applied a purple, velvety pair of blinders (see "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" for fashion similarities) to block everyone else out.

Dr. Phil, I'm sorry I said I hated you, obviously some of your (non-board certified) advice took hold.

P.S. I have eaten only Asian food for the last week. Maybe my hallucinatory experience was msg based.


Karri Paul said...

My guess: the MSG.

Alison said...

k, Dr. Karri, I believes you.