Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I tried fixing some of my linx. Isn't working. Damn my chubby, whittled down digitz!

*I have got to stop adding "s" and "z" and "x" to the ends of the my sentences in an attempt to be hip with the young crowd. I think "hip" is a state of mind anyway, and in my mind "hip"=high-waisted pants, suspenders, built in vests and argyle sweaters.

Also, Zimmerman(s), you're on there twice. Note the (s)---see I have a plural problem. Also, why won't it let me link Jack Hanley? Because he's a nudist pinko that's why.

Risa asked me what I wore to class today and I described it as the following, "You know, like typical professor stuff, a tight argyle shirt and pinstripe short-shorts and a pink belt." Then I realized that this is not what a professor would wear, but rather, what a stripper impersonating a professor would wear. Next time I'm wearing those leather elbow padders and nothing else. Maybe a pipe. And a self-satisfied smirk. In fact, maybe I'll try only communicating in smirks from now on.

My back hurts and I think it's from teaching an anatomical drawing class. I started at Southwestern this week and have been enjoying it thus far. I also like getting away from Austin and into the weird little Pleasantville-land of Georgetown. Today I stopped into this drug store that sold very offensive Asian figurines alongside 100 year-old Ibuprofen (which is what I needed....pain relievers, not plastic stereotypes).

I think I'm going to go there every day (unless the ancient Ibuprofen explodes my brain). It's called "Gus' Drug Store" (I think), and Gus himself was very curious about me as I was new in town (and wearing professor-cum-Jenna-Jameson-clothing).

In fact, everyone in Georgetown is very curious about new people....reminds me of a movie I watched recently that came recommended by Trenton Doyle Hancock himself. It was called "I Spit On Your Grave." Anyone know what its claim to fame is? Anybody?


Anonymous said...

Now that you are ridin' dirty in Wilco , you should look up Jordan Smith's journalism piece aptly titled, 'If your white, it's alright'.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I just googled it, couldn't find it though...

Jasper said...

Change the last name to Knight and something should come up.