Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm busy again.
Still haven't gotten my treehoustudio. Sigh. I have been swinging from leopard print towels stapled to my ceiling and speaking only in a Tarzan-ish intonation to prepare. But there's only so much crotch-grabbing and cat-maiming you can do at home before people start saying things like, "Why are you touching yourself?" and "What are you doing with my yardstick?"

Went to Georgetown for new faculty orientation. I learned that I have wayyyyy too much responsibility and that Southwestern has a full day for freshies devoted to "pirate training." I got a new id card as a Southwestern "pirate". I tried to grimace a little bit in the photo.

Went to San Antonio for Risa's talk about her show "The Yellow Wallpaper." I really like Karen Mahaffy's work and am officially adding her name to yesterday's list. Her floating silhouettes (in both video and paper form) are incredibly poetic and haunting without seeming too self-conscious. But then, silhouettes make me hot, as evidenced by my love of Kara.

Went to Ladies' Night at the Cock Pit with Virginia and her hubby Elliot. We played pool and I spent five dollars on an apparently fictional raffle (Elliot was giving away a bark helmet!). The Cock Pit is a weird bar.

Now I'm off to throw a proverbial bottle against Aron Johnston's departing ship. Goodbye Aron, I'll always remember your wheezing fart sounds.

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