Sunday, August 05, 2007

XTREME Sabbath!

Today I was reminded of the SNL short "Lazy Sunday" wherein two guys rap about seeing "The Chronicles of Narnia." The only real difference is that I am not a dude, and "Narnia" gives me the willies with all it's thinly veiled moralistic Jesuslove.

I have sun-stroke and a serious case of mental gout, so my recap will be brief, but my Sunday involved the following incredible elements:

-Breaking into a private apartment complex pool.
-Wallowing illegally in said apartment pool for hours.
-Being asked semi-politely to leave apartment complex pool.
-Buying sluttastic shorts at Buffalo Exchange that made Arturo grimace at my waning purity.
-Shrimp Tempura.
-The movies "Zodiac" and "Marie Antoinette."
-A cold Tecate and a half-eaten bar of mint chocolate.
-A haircut that I'm convinced brings me ever so much closer to being Clea Duvall's twin.
-A soon-to-be-published conversation with Trenton Doyle Hancock about scatology, sharks and barbies.
-A friend's recent foray into complete and utter sapphic love.


Karri Paul said...

Did you ever get into _Mr. Show_? Mr. Max Voss-Nester, a well-established favorite of yours and mine, recommended this sketch comedy series, so I Netflixed. Might be up your alley!

Alison said...

I've seen it a couple of times and was very into it, but have yet to succumb to that particular addiction. But I just got it might be cumming.