Monday, August 20, 2007

You know an artist I love whose work is getting a second look-see? Joseph Cornell (the Times just had a big article, but I am too lazy to link things). I f'ing love him. And although many claim that he is corny, I find some ethereal melancholic love in his little boxes. Plus, I think his pairings of materials are really unexpected and beautifully disjunctive.
Other artists I've been liking lately:
Demetrius Oliver (an incredible photographer/installation artist I went to Skowhegan with)
Toba Khadoori
Wangechi Mutu
Brad Neely
Thomas Hirschorn
Karyn Olivier (someone I also went to Skowhegan with, I've been taking a second look at some of her psychologically disruptive pieces)
Paul Chan
Sadie Benning
Daniel J. Martinez (I was reminded of how much I love him by Boutman)
Eve Sussman
Rachel Whitetread
The Richtster
Lynda Benglis (Risa reminded me of these incredible protruding "paintings" of hers)
Karen Kliminik
Peter Doig
Kalup Linzy


Shannon said...

Wow, much here to now look up. It seems like Cornell gets re-loved every 15 years or so. I seem to remember a '92 wave of Cornell Love.

Eve Sussman, yay!
Linda Benglis, fucking amazing
Brad Neely is super funny on SuperDeluze.
Whitetread and and Hirschorn and Kliminik I know, but the rest are new for me. Thanks.

D.H. said...

I was at Lester Marks home in Houston last semester and he demonstrated one of his Joseph Cornell boxes. It was partially filled with sand that channeled through various orifices when the box was tipped and turned. I was intrigued and Lester was certainly in love.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Aw. It's hard not to be in love with Mr. Cornell. But Lester Marks seems to be uber passionate about many things.