Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm watching "Dante's Cove" right now, which is about gay warlocks who live on an island. Obviously, a realistic portrayal of youth culture in today's heady times.

I went to the Longbranch with Cauleen last night, and the owners (plus one cantankerous rat-tailed bartender) were total assfaces and Cauleen became embroiled in a very heated verbal battle with the bar-owner's wife. They were spelling out expletives to each other, expletives that I shan't repeat because of my moral indignity. It was kind of insane, but oh so entertaining. I kind of tried to join in, but I am not good at, nor do I enjoy, real confrontations. I think I may have said something like, "Seriously, you're being a bitch." And then I giggled.
Long story short: Cauleen called the cops (twice actually) and is forever banned from entering the tasty beer-stained floors of the Longbranch. I think I am banned by proxy, but really I am just going to wear an assortment of face-concealing hats and goggles.

Arthouse Texas Prize opened last night, and I think the show looks really good. I am particularly fond of Justin Boyd's contribution, which is really elegant and unexpected.

Tonight is Okay Mountain, and afterwards Pataphysics and Cari Palazzolo are playing at the Scoot. Both are v. good at break-dancing.


Anonymous said...
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x. said...

Wow! I was only THINKING about publishing that comment.

Alison said...

It's a bar.