Sunday, October 14, 2007

I lied.

To entertain you during my assabbatical, here are some diorama pics...I'm such a blog-quitting-wolf-cryer.

Asshole assimilation step 1! Complete! Now onto physical abuse!

Excuse the amateur photography, no one has ever accused me of documenting my work well. I've also included pics of me and my girl Rizza dressed as Mr. Mercury. Enjoy!


Jake J. said...

I like your dioramas very much. I like the scale you're working in too. Will you be exhibiting them soon?
However, your boyfriend, Rizzo or Freddy or whatever, seems a bit fair.

Alison said...

Dear Jake J.,
I'll be showing an installation composed of the dioramas at Aqua Art Fair in Miami. Should be good...I'm currently working on making them a little bitty city.
As for Rizza aka Rizcat aka Risa Puleo, she is not my "girl" in the romantic sense, but rather in a "my girl Friday" way. And she's the brown one. I'm the one who deflects sunlight.
But I'm still pretty.