Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm going to Berlin for a month for a residency! Dec 12-Jan 12th (or thereabouts). Egggggsellent.
Risa and her girl Rose are going to visit me and we're going to go to Copenhagen together and eat Danishes and ride bicycles and spit on the giant lego wunderland!

Ah Berlin: Liza Minelli, sex-dungeons, cabarets, cross-dressers, and eye makeup. My heaven? Yes.


Jacqui Boyd said...

enjoy yourself, you might surprised at how rude and staid the Germans are. Looking forward to see the resulting images

Shannon said...

Take a coat. My one impression of Berlin is colored by the time I went underdressed and we ran around from cafe to cafe so I could get my teeth to stop chattering. Why didn't I buy a jacket? I was a broke douchebag.

Also, the Pergamon Museum is not to be missed if you like centaurs, and hey, who doesn't?