Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's Go to the Movies!

I was a total saucy dom-type professor in class today--think Catherine Denueve in The Hunger only not as sexy, immortal or French. I feel bad because I have been very curt slash cantankerous (quite unlike my usual bonny braids self) to my collegiate babies. And I love them so! Really I do. I actually think I have the most amazing students right now. I am going to be spoiled from now on. Future students: you'll never be good enough. And you're ugly.

Sometimes teaching makes me really happy.

I gave one of my classes an article from the new Modern Painters about art school being completely wack and I gave another class an article on the delightfully psychotic art of Yayoi Kusama. I also gave my students a mandatory movie assignment wherein they watch a film of my choosing (teaching is awesome; the fact that I can make someone watch Sleepaway Camp on a whim is true power). I did however notice similarities between most of the movies I assigned.
Lots of them are Spanish (because the Spaniards are dark and unknowable, like a bowl of mystery Paella in a poorly lit cafe) and/or film noir. Maybe I am nostalgic for my Spain dayz now that I am headed to another epicenter of Euro-hedonism. And also because I would fuck the shit out of Luis Bunuel.
So I guess that's what I like in a nutshell (incise a tilda into said nutshell). Here are some of the movies I gave them, the list includes many of my favorite movies as well as some of the more visually inventive movies (in my not-so humble-bloody-Iberian-Peninsula-loving opinion):

-The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
-Los Olvidados
-All About My Mother
-Sunset Boulevard
-Gone With the Wind
-The Haunting
-Perfume de Violetas
-A Streetcar Named Desire
-Waiting for Godot
-Realms of the Unreal
-8 1/2
-The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
-Sleepaway Camp
-Belle Du'Jour
-Curse of the Cat People
-Amores Perros
-Breaking the Waves
-Also, two British miniseries: Tipping the Velvet and Tess of the D'Urbervilles (sp?) Melodrama abounds in these two!

There are more but I can't remember them.


Alec Guinness said...

You forgot 'The Horse's Mouth'.

Oscar said...

You also forgot "The Terror of Tiny Town."

Alison said...

holy shit. I'm watching both of them immediately.

jasper said...

So you left rehab early, huh. wink wink