Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So, I was forwarded this video made during my time in college. It stars this guy I went to Homecoming with my Freshman year. Shockingly, I remembered that I was cool for a brief, delectably attractive moment. I mean, seriously, check this guy out.

*I mean "Skip" by the way, not the nerdy dude in the beginning.

*Maybe I'm posting this because Jake J's pastiness accusation made me feel self-conscious. Jake J: Do you think Agent Scully's complexion is weird? I didn't think so.



Anonymous said...

I'd peg you more for the nerdy guy type.

Jake J. said...

I like to think of it as a harmless pastime, but I guess I'm a chronic comment offender. I swear each time that this will be the last but the urge returns with every post. I love to provoke responses to my comments but my oblique sense of humor is rarely understood and often interpreted as snarky. My joke was a reach that didn't quite make it. You are indeed the fairest--even with the facial hair.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I'm fucking with you Jake J., I relish in my pastiness. For realz.

Anonymous---I'm actually really superficial. Surprise!

jake j. said...

I feel violated--and I like it.

minimonk said...

Funny! I enjoyed the clip- Looks like Davidson is the background. Loved the purple warm-up suit; wonder if they have it for women? Are they auditioning to be actors? They were both good! BTW, nerds are the ones who come to the 30th reunion waving the big bucks and professional degrees.

Alison said...

Too true mama. But nerds are ugly like Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds series.

Billy Gates is the exeption. Yowza! Sign me up!