Tuesday, November 13, 2007

God, my head feels like Pamela Anderson after a good pummeling. Because of my brainsyphillis the following entry may not be funny, true, cogent, or without gaping sores.

I drove to Dallas the other day to check out the Road Agent space for an upcoming show I'm doing with Sterlz and Peat. It's a really airy, high-class place. Afterwards, I went to the Meridian bar for Margaritas, which tasted like Dallas: just a hint of pearls and misplaced pride.

I also watched "Tila Tequila: A Shot of Love" on MTV. Every challenge is so stupid and usually is some thinly veiled reference to fellatio. After talking about lofty art school concerns all day Tila Tequila and her car-washing, pie-eating make out sessions help to soothe my brain.

I am making a boarding school out of gold.

I am going to whittle myself a wheelchair.

My mom has a boyfriend.

Risa has a parasite.

I spent 5 bucks on an exceptionally boring issue of National Geographic.

I'm hungry.

Yun Fei Ji has kind eyes.

Half of my students have mono.

Ivan Lozano is the king of the bloggers.

I have so much work to do before Miami.

Long hair on women is ugly.

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