Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Delicious things (compiled from the last month of compiling delicious things):
Stalking Amy Tan. Barbecue from Georgetown BBQ. Suddenly Last Summer starring the fiesty, bedazzled Liz Taylor as a New Orleans crazy. Cabaret. Fancy art parties I have not been privy to. Cigarettes. Mustard chicken (of the German variety) at Whole Foods. The Longbranch (update: not banned, just openly disdained!) Theatre people who gesticulate. Persepolis 2. Falling asleep in class on the nude model sofa. Asking random people to tell me I resemble Liz Taylor in the aforementioned movie (people who reply that I look like Liz Taylor post-brain tumor belong in the second category). Paella and cupcakes and a Facebook fan page, all made by my lovely students. Being a reclusive diorama-maker, whittler and all-around geriatric butter-churner.

Pointless things:
-New book written by David Lynch about transcental meditation. It was an impulse buy. I was wearing my bad idea pants.
-Trying to learn German: so far I've only learned one phrase, and it's the German equivalent of "let's do it."
-Slow, leaking tires that hiss at you with their fancy hissing mechanisms and euro-peeeeeeean treads.
-Forcing Trenton Doyle Hancock to watch Happy Feet


jasper said...

Wonder how difficult/easy it is to get this girl out of her "bad idea" pants?

Axel said...

Forget it, she wears her "worse idea" pants under them.