Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ah Berlin, I love thee. I dont have time to type (and I dont understand hyphenation here), Im in east Prenzlauerberg at an internet cafe and the keyz are crazy and Deutsch-ish.
Short version: East Berlin is full of dilapidated Bloc architecture, biers, cigarettes and insane people. Yes!
Yesterday, I followed the Berlin Wall all the way down, it was sad and beautiful.
Um, whoever said everbody speaks English in Berlin was lying. At least not in East Berlin (I am in the Friedrichshain district). So, Ive been trying to get by on my meager German, which has been like a sitcom. I asked for a sandwich and got a donut. I thought I was going into a cafe and I entered some kind of secret underground Chinese Bistro. Luckily, Ich Learne sehr schnell.
Sidenote; I just saw a German motorcycle gang with Christmas trees strapped to their backs. No joke.

I have been looking for the Apple Store for 4 hours; I need an adapter to make my lil baby computer work.

Also, Dennis, I dont take pictures, because I am an idiot. But it looks like Beautiful\Decay has done that for me. Zimmermans, somebody doesnt think we´re vanilla! I dont remember where I know B-D from but I think it might be sponsered by Deitch, which I find funny.


minimonk said...

Great write-up by B-D although I don't know what that is actually. I hope you can keep blogging about Berlin. I love it! It did seem unlikely to me that everyone would speak English, much like not that many people in Spain speak English. Hope you find the apple store so you can keep communicating! Your fan.

jasper said...

It makes me feel all fuzzy to know even German gang members are in the Christmas spirit. Unless they plan to use the trees as weapons or something.