Saturday, December 22, 2007

An American stopped me on the street today, and asked if I was Ellen Page, the actress from the new movie "Juno." I think the woman was mildly blind and most likely intoxicated, but for good measure I have put up the following picture of me mimicking my underage doppleganger (gaw, no wonder people ID me all the time).

In other news, I saw a fabooolus Mike Kelley show at Jablonska Gallerie, which I will describe more in depth later. I also saw a good drawing show of Bettina Krieg's at Spesshardt & Klein. Annnnd I tried to make it to the Gay Museum, but went the wrong way and ended up at "Berlin on Ice."
Insert numerous jokes about them being the


minimonk said...

I do think the resemblance is uncanny; although aren't you a wee bit older? Told you that you were a beauty.....but I might be prejudiced. Glad you are finding your way to such interesting shows.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

aw momma, now you made me feel like my photo-comparison was a nepostic attempt at compliments. But I love you.

Anonymous said...

you look very art-superstar in the making in that photo. like something they would put in the nyt magazine.


Axel said...

It's kind of like Ali cum Cindy Sherman cum Ellen Page. And speaking of uncanny celebrity look-alikes, women often point out my resemblance to Keith Richards. It's just flattery.

jasper said...

So are you Ellen Page or not? "Berlin on Ice" what a tasty beverage that would make.

p.s. I think you're cuter than Ellen Page, but can you act?

Alison said...

Oh Jasper, you flatter me so. I think "Berlin on Ice" is technically an Absinthe popsicle.
P.S. I cannot act although I can do a mean Carrot Top impersonation.