Monday, December 17, 2007

Germans love Christmas! I went to two Christmas markets (fairs?) today, one in West Berlin in Postdamer Platz and one in the east in Alexandreplatz. There was a giant ice slide and little whittled toys (some of them even moved! Elf!). I ate the biggest Bratwurst ever, it was slimy and delicious. I saw a cafe called "Weiner Cafe" and I walked along Marlene Dietrich Platz (swoon). I was perturbed by a giant Koons' phallocentric balloon sculpture which hindered my enjoyment of Marlene Dietrich Platz. Is nothing sacred Koons??????? I also saw another public sculpture by Keith Haring, which looked like two guys diddling each other with their oversized mitten hands. Peace?

Speaking of sculpture, there are a ton of former GDR sculptures in my hood.' I find them fascinating. Some of them are big burly working men, smiling up at the sky thanking Marx for all he gives them. Then, some of them are bears (communist Soviet symbol), there's this one where a lithe momma bear allows her little bearlings to suckle from her anti-capitalist teat. BUT the weirdest GDR sculpture I've seen was a tiny girl, who looked like a boy (with pecs and all) and she was wearing a skirt (but no top) and waving at someone (Stalin?). Weird eh?

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