Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow!

I'm in Charlotte now, hanging out with my momma. Here are some things that she made me do today that are like, so like totally mommish:

-Get a flu shot. Bleh, I like the flu and the weird things it does to my body. Muscle cramps and sweaty hallucinations? It's like Ibiza in my stomach!
-Cancel my gym membership (as the steamroom and all its body smushing is not worth half my salary).
-Cancel my phone service (while secretly trying to retrieve the number of "underage Cuban").
-Listen to three hours of Beginning German tapes. Um. German is funny. They have a number called "elf."
-Tell my grandmother I'm going to quit smoking.
-Watch "I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," which is about to start, so I have to go now.

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