Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just when I want to trade in my artists' card for something more valuable, (like a shit taco or a used Honda Civic) I see something that changes my mind. Today I tried going to the Jewish Museum, but the line stretched for blocks, so I went to the Berlinsche Galerie down the street. I was hoping for nothing more than a semi-cool Max Beckmann print and a fancy bathroom where I could relieve myself. Instead, I saw one of the strongest and most exciting group shows I've ever seen. It was called, "Neue Heimat, Berlin Contemporary" and had the work of about 20 Berlin-based artists. It was really refreshing. Whether or not I liked all the work or it aligned itself with my aesthetic tastes isn't the point, all of the work was solid and well-conceived, and some of it was really exciting and ballsy. I found myself getting really excited about Nordic photography, slow-moving videos and patterned quilt-tents. The videos especially, seemed to really push the medium.
In my mind, this exhibition lived up to the trendy Berlin mist that is super dense at the moment.
The images don't really do any of the work justice, but I'll post some anyways.

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