Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not much happened today really. I plein air painted....just kidding, it's coooooooooold here bitches! It's like so cold I feel like I'm in some DePeche Mode snowglobe or something.
I did paint today though, but only inside my poorly heated cell.

Here's an interesting statistic:

No. of beers Ali has had in Berlin: 3
No. of times Ali has almost been run over by a tram: 3

A sidnote on the beer: It's awesome. And I don't even like beer that much. And it's like .50.

I tried going to this fun bar I read about tonight, but I couldn't find it. Chances are, I would have just sat in a corner by myself, reading my lame german phrasebook and drinking my appfelsaft. How's that for an exciting tour Axel? Me drinking my apfelsaft all lonely n shit. Huh?

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Axel said...

Today I sat in a corner at Clementine's deleting spam and sipping dark roast. Savor your adventure--I've seen the future and it needs apfelsaft.