Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ok more on the Mike Kelley show, since I am awake and bored:
It was amazing. He had a myriad of different glass vitrines encasing crystalline structures which referenced cityscapes (and sometimes dildos). Connected to these cities (which actually are based on Kandor from Krypton: i.e. the only remaining city on Superman's home planet) were tanks which pumped oxygen (?) to the little planets. Meanwhile, there were projections of windswept glass jars and a soundtrack that sounded like a NASA siren.

Oh, and there were also holograms! The holograms were of the same glass cities inside a flesh-colored rocket ship which again, referenced a rubber phallus (but in a very subdued, tasteful way). The whole show was pretty slick and super designy, which is not usually my thing, but it made sense with his cosmetic planet idea. Keeping in mind that it was Mike Kelley, the whole thing was pretty subtle----my description makes it seem more concrete than it actually was. It was one of the more enigmatic installations I've seen. Images above.

Next door was a wooden toy shop where I spent a good 20 minutes. I love thee Berlin.

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