Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today I saw the Reichstag and ate a minced meat quiche.

Is this getting boring yet? Next I'm going to show slides of myself watching myself watching slides of when I went to Coney Island.

Here's something adequately gross to satisfy you: I went to this medical anomaly museum inside a Bavarian style hospital complex called Charite. It was so cool. And they had these amazing prints of hospitals from the 1800s---probably some of the best art I've seen in a while. But the main draw for this particular museum was the crazy collection of jarred fetuses, toes of lepers and encephalitic skullcaps. I am so disturbed yet intrigued by these oddities. There was one fetus that was a cyclops. An honest-to-god cyclops! And there were conjoined twins...oh were there conjoined twins.
Apparently this doctor Gruffenpoopen or whatever collected all his dead patients (without their consent, but this was in olden times) and cataloged them meticulously.

Even though I've been to Ripley's Believe or Not Museum (excellent educational institution bar none) I have never seen shit like that. And it was displayed beautifully I might add, like some accountant-cum-murderer's secret cellar. I came close to puking a couple of times. But I stopped myself because that quiche wasn't that tasty.

P.S. I don't think anyone's actually reading my blog anymore, but I don't care because this is my travel diary and I have to speak in English for part of the day or I'll kill all the Germans.


minimonk said...

Please keep up the travel blog; I will read it faithfully. I have really enjoyed all the entries;(well maybe not totally with regard to the retching). Hope you are getting some inspiration! See any leftover cold war East German spies?

jasper said...

Boring? Not yet kid.

Axel said...

Ali's European Underbelly Tours
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Anonymous said...

i'm enjoying it very much! um, says random lady from world wide interweb.