Friday, December 21, 2007

Today was a good day. Nein, a great day!
Here are all the super-duper-deutsch things I did today:

-Ate an eclair for breakfast (not necessarily Deutsch, but certainly a long held fantasy of mine)
-Saw a Chloe Piene show at Barbara Kremm Galerie (as recommended by Teresa Hubbard, who also shows there)
-Saw Queen Nefertiti at the Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian Museum kind of rocked my socks off...and then replaced then with beautiful leaden sandals to drag me to the underworld.
-Saw the restored Pergammon Altar at the Pergammon Museum (thanks Shannon). It was breathtaking.
-Saw exquisite Islamic manuscripts that made me salivate more than my morningtime eclair (also at the Pergammon).
-Saw some kind of cool Deutsch painters at the National Gallery. Eh. Some of them restored my love of painting a little. There were a couple of Lovis Corinth's that caught my eye.
-Ate SwineFleisch Schnitzel. This is breaded pork in some kinda Deutchsauce. It was delish, but heavy as shit. It is sitting in my stomach like the Hindenburg.
-Drank a Berlinner Pilsner. MMMMm.

Here's the one bad thing that happened today: my cigarette partially froze in my mouth and pulled off part of my lip when I pulled it out. Ouchies. It's ok though, because now my lips are swollen and lovely like a starlet's.

*I was going to go to a Turkish Bath tonight, but I think I'll save that for later....internet wink.


Axel said...

Ahhh, the thought of lounging in a Turkish Bath in Berlin is helping me shake the image of Bob Anderson walking naked around the locker room at Gregory Gym yesterday. I just hope he was there to swim or something.

Shannon said...

I'm glad you liked the Pergammon! Keep the posts coming. I'm enjoying travlling vicariously throgh you. Wait, typed out that phrase sounds dirty, in a Disneyesque World of Tomorrow kind of way.