Friday, December 28, 2007

Well, today I walked up and down Bernenstrasse to see the galleries, but most of them were closed for the holidays. Sad. I could see in the windows though, so I got a tiny thimbleful of what Berlin's main gallery district tastes like. And it tastes like trash. No, literally, a lot of stuff was made of trash. There was this motorcycle made of trash and this big ping-pong type game thing...I dunno.
I went in this one gallery, and the director was like the nicest woman I've ever met. Too nice actually. She talked my ear off as I looked at documentation of a staged performance of a woman with a bag over her head. It was like a less hearty and caloric Marina Abrokamovic. Anyways, she said, "You are from New York yes?" So, I lied and said I was from New York, and then I felt bad and bought a one-dollar postcard of this weird photo of the New York skyline. D'oh.
Then I drew a pillowfight boarding school scene. Then I went to this Brazilian restaurant that specializes in fruit/meat dishes. It was sooooo fucking good. Then I went to a bar by myself and had 2 whiskey and cokes with neon raver straws. I didn't get drunk and I felt kind of stupid pretending to read my phrasebook in the dark. Now I'm home eating capuccino chocolate in my long underwear!
Risa and Rose come on Monday, hopefully I'll have debauched tales to tell of our New Year's as my BadAssedness is waning in favor of chocolate and Apfelsaft.

P.S. I keep forgetting to mention this, but if you go on the subway after 9 PM everyone is drunk. I swear to god. I usually like and appreciate this, but tonight some girl made loud hiccup noises everytime the train stopped and I wanted to eat her.

P.P.S. People are setting off fireworks in the street, and I keep thinking that they're gunshots or something. You'd think I grew up in Compton to see me duck and cover.

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