Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't sleep. Watched a show about Global Warming and am now v. depressed. Of course, Jan 21st is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year according to a fancy CNN poll thingy. Science is my only friend.


minimonk said...

Better to watch reruns of the Gilmore is for left brained people I think.

Salvador said...

I thought I heard somewhere that you work in the arts?
Maybe know you can find friendship in your work:
SEED mag article

Axel said...

I saw that depressing show about Global Warming too (you know things are really bad when a CBS show looks like a PBS show) , and I'm usually depressed around Jan. 20 anyway because it's my birthday, plus there's a threatening bulge under my MacBook Pro caused by an engorged battery. Apple's recall notice had the tone of a sexual predator alert. I'm afraid to log on to a porn site until I get my replacement. But the mind is a miraculous thing. Soon the endorphins will kick in and tonight I'll be eating a quart of Rocky Road ice cream in my warm and cozy apartment blissfully indifferent to the rising oceans.

jasper said...

Um, usually this blog cheers me up... usually. Well, I found the tap option on my trackpad. And I feel both happy and liberated.

cheer up charlie blue