Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go see Brad Tucker's show, I think it's pretty hawt.
My hermit aspirations are not going so well. Tonight, my lovely Czech princess, former boss and excellent friend Hana Hillerova came into town and dragged me out of my painted cave. Sometimes I miss her so much it hurts. Austin is not as cool without her. Once in a while I'll scan an opening crowd, hoping against all odds that I'll see a glimpse of blonde femulleted foreignness carrying a tin of Venison stew in her sturdy arms. But alas, there is a dearth of Eastern European Amazons these dayz. That's what I'm going to tell the Chronnie reporter (and Larry King if he asks)...want to jumpstart the economy? More Eastern European Amazons. Need a light? Eastern European Amazon.

*I did tell her that I hated Czechs though, and that she was a notable antidote to her country's bitch epidemic.


Bushwick Bill said...

What kinda purple paint did you use to paint Ms. Hana's office at CRL?

Anonymous said...

the sexy kind.