Friday, January 04, 2008

Got back from Prague late last night.
Here's what Prague has going for it:
-It's absurdly beautiful. Like out of a storybook.
-They make delectable foodstuffs (like shiny chunks of meat). And have wonderful coffee and beer (Staropramen esp).
-It has a lot of History, and a Medieval Torture Museum.

Here are the reasons I will never return to Prague:
-Everyone is bitchy.
-It is overrun by tourists and campy "Golem" cartoons and Golem-themed restaurants, making the solemn Jewish Quarter, Josefov a joke . (Matt Rebholz!)
-It has confusing train signs, which is why I ended up on a train going to Western Slovakia and not back to Berlin.
-It has retardo currency that is so hard to translate that you don't realize you're spending 30 dollars on a marionette-making kit (actually happened).
-A man peed on my foot at the train station.


jasper said...

Yep, I was scolded for chewing gum. Oh if PraHa could talk. Enjoy.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I know! I got yelled at for so many things. One train conductor made me cry.

Brewster McCracken said...

PaFooted hilarity.