Monday, January 07, 2008

I think I am seriously bored. Like bone-chillingly bored. And I can't draw because my hands are frostbitten and chapped like Bea Arthur's taint'.

For some reason, all of my clothes from last night have ketchup on them. And my sketchbook also has lots of ketchup on it. Obviously I took part in some kind of Currywurst orgy resulting in massive condimental damage.

*Condimental dam.

I think Risa and Rose are stuck in Frankfurt. I don't even know what Frankfurt is. Maybe someplace where they play the crazy "fooseball" or something.
Also, congrats to Risa who was named assistant curator of American/Contemporary Art (?) or something like that at the Blanton Museum of Art. Maybe now she'll stop watching so much Tila Tequila and devote herself to loftier pursuits. Like juggling rat carcasses.

Rant: I think Glasstire is getting a little too fucking snarky to be considered a viable newsource. I am all for cattiness, but just call it a giant, goddamn pretentious op-ed blog driven by the aesthetic tastes and opinions of a handful of people. I don't think they should purport to be an actual purveyor of information when every show listing has a nasty little side comment. Of course, I still love Lozano (and most of the "blogs"), moreover, I think loud, sometimes brash opinions within the bloggosphere are what blogging is all about. But I didn't think Glasstire was a blog, I thought (maybe mistakenly) that it was a legitimate meeting of criticism, feedback and helpful information as regards the contemporary art scene in Texas. Is it an absolute that every news item/feature/column have a requisite ironic put-down? I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes the comments are funny...they just seem out of place....but maybe Glasstire has a new mission, I don't know. I'm confused.


ezimmerman said...

I am with you regarding Glasstire, maybe its just a case of big city insecurity.

jasper said...

I thank you for omitting details of "menage a trois" adventure, my heart could not stand it ya know.

p.s. love the misspelling during drunken-ish post, it's like I could hear you slurring. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I agree. When did pointing out work similar to the work you're supposed to be writing about begin to pass for art criticism? (See Bill Davenport)

Pancho Villa said...

I sorry, is 'Glasstire' meant to be a metaphor for the 'ArtWorld', or a direct hit (battleship style!)?