Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last night my Deutschfriends Marcus and Chris took me to a sound performance in Kreuzberg in some kind of abandoned tea house. This woman made "stream of consciousness" paintings whilst her partner played recordings of ambient sounds in Warsaw. It was sooooooo Berlin! :):):)
There was even a girl who looked like Liza Minelli. Seriously. I wanted to pull out her eyelashes and attach them to my heart. :):):):);)
Today it is very slippery outside.
I went to an awesome comic shop and bought a German comic about the Adventures of Sigmund Freud in the Wild West. If anything will make me learn German, it will be that.

Now I'm going to venture out and get a phone card so I can call one of my artcrushes to have her tell me about moving to Berlin. :):):):):)

*Note the ironic use of smileyfaces.

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