Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's in Berlin was insane.

Not insane in the debauched, beer-stained kind of way. Insane as in insane. People everywhere were throwing firecrackers---into the street, at old ladies etc. On our way to the Turkish bath, Risa, Rose and I saw someone with a gun shooting bullets into the sky. We ran away very quickly, but then Rose informed us that the bullets would probably hit our heads once we were 2 miles away. I nervously put on my train-conductor hat hoping that the bill would repel any harm. Sidenote:a native Berlinner told us later that it was probably this special fireworks gun they have...but whatever.
Then, we looked for someplace fun to drink and discovered that the Berlinners weren't even opening the bars until 11. So we drank Beer and ate Currywurst (which is delicious!) and walked.
Finally, we found a fun bar called "Himmelreich," and had a whale of a time. They even gave us free shots, champagne and sparklers. My favorite memory of all time has to be watching this hardcore punk guy with long black hair dancing in the street amongst the firecrackers once the clock hit 12.
We tried to go to these cool underground parties that our bartender Katja told us about, but on the way there we saw a streetfight where someone got pushed in front of a bus (he was not hit, but I think his legs were broken from the fall. Anyway the bus stopped). There was also this crazy riot situation nearby where people were standing on fuseboxes, breaking glass, starting fires and listening to Metallica.
Anyway, we decided to call it a night before we died.
Once we reached my doorstep though, some skinhead looking fucker threw a firecracker at my foot. Luckily, it kind of sputtered out but in retaliation, Risa and I threw a cigarette butt at him from my window once we reached my apartment. But alas, it landed nowhere near him. After that I was done with fiery things for the night and maybe for my entire life.

There is barf everywhere, and the streets of Berlin look like a war zone.
I kind of like it, it looks like the apocalypse.
Berlinners are more serious about New Year's than I could have ever imagined. I think their FRIGHTENING zeal has something to do with living in a war-ravaged city.
I'm going to Prague tomorrow!

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