Thursday, February 28, 2008

I had a grrrrrrrrreat day! (not breakfast cereal great, but great nevertheless)
The kiddies and I drew outside while eating cookies from Texas Expresso. Then, LaurenTheIntern gave me my belated birthday present which was a homemade t-shirt with a robot on it that quips "I'm sensitive bitches!" Like I said before, my friends are lovely and love robots.

Life is surprisingly pleasant and bearable sometimes. Ok, I need to do less masturbatory, self-congratulatory typing and more masturbatory, self-congratulatory drawing.

Come see my Road Agent show in Dallas. It's me and the boyz, Sterlie and Peatie.

Rumor has it that there will be a supersexi hot-tub party after the opening.

*I just started that rumor.

More Preaching!

This is one of the reasons I'm moving to Berlin:

One of the most inspiring artist talks I ever heard was given by Miss Adrian Piper, a brilliant artist-slash-philosopher-slash-snazzy dresser. She discussed her recent move to Berlin, and spoke about the acknowledgement and accountability of the German nation as it pertains to past governmental atrocities. Then she compared it to sweet lil' America. Here, it seems we just repress uncomfortable things until it gives rise to a sinister silence.
The Germans have the Holocaust Memorial, a huge renowned structure, not to mention the Liebeskind designed Jewish Museum. Where's America's public acknowledgement of wrongdoing/thinking? I mean, isn't it weird that we don't have a huge, world-famous structure addressing 300 years of slavery? Maybe there is one that I'm ignorant of, but I'm guessing that if I haven't heard about it then it really isn't doing the job.

*Maya Lin did a good job with the Vietnam Memorial...but still.

Why is it so quiet when I discuss race in class? And why do I feel uncomfortable even while doing it? Why can't my imaginary children learn about difficult topics through class-sponsored comics?

Germany, you're so progressive n' shit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have lovely friends.

Here are some of the fabulous things I got for my Bday:

-A wooden Pirate ship building kit.
-A pork tenderloin dinner with lemon bars (my favorite!)
-A pirated copy of Persepolis.
-Chocolate cake and wine.
-A birthday prank orchestrated by my TA and intern.
-An I.O.U. for roller skates.
-The promise of a steak dinner.
-A ring made of grass.
-An L Word marathon.
-My weight in hugs!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's my birthday!
Here's how my mom responded:
"I've kept you alive for 25 years, my job is done."

Well, I guess it's ok for me to kick the bucket now. Thanks for the free death pass Momma!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

So, I'm faced with a Sophie's Choice of sorts as regards my future life. I am in the running for a job at Davidson (my alma mater) and could save a lot of monies teaching there and living with my mom in North Carolina.

Or I could move to Berlin. That mysterious city that beckons to me with promises of bratwurst, substandard living conditions, deportation, and a thriving, exciting art scene.

What to do.

I love teaching, but living in North Carolina again is daunting to say the least. Living in Berlin is also daunting, but in a very different film noirish-type way. To settle or not to settle---tis' the question.
I wish I was a trust fund baby like Cecily Brown or Dash Snow, because then this wouldn't even be an issue.

Either way, it's looking more and more like I will be leaving A-town shortly. Aw.
Rizach and I had a fun party at the Cockpit. Cheap drinks, blow in the bathroom, old gay cruisers. It was like Studio 54 for mediocre looking people.

Afterwards, Nathan, Arturo, Melissa, AlisonTheIntern, and LaurenTheIntern and I went to Rain and danced like only drunken birthday fools can dance. You know, doing the electric slide to the tempo of "Happy Birthday" and the like. Nathan and I made up some strange improvisational dances which really took off. It was kind of a disco-cum-zombie-rapper type thing. Our influences are diverse.

Then we went to Denny's....but after a prolonged wait for my "Moons Over My Hammy" we left for Starseeds. And that's how the night ended---at 5 a.m. with Ketchup all over my clothes again.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lozano introduced me to my new favorite blog:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ok, I need to cleanse my lowbrow palette of the heady discussion below. On wed. I went to Dallas for the CAA conference, which was as I remembered it: a rat race with applicants cloaked in black, everyone finkling on their laptops and chugging whiskey and cokes to soothe their pre-interview jitters. I did not pay to get in again this year---screw you beneficial and informative arts website!

I went by Road Agent, to see the space again so as I can finish (start) my installation there. The current show, "New Art From Chicago," is quite good, and offers a nice smattering of non-functional sculpture (Scott Reber, I think).

Arturo and I went to some fancy party and everyone looked at us like we were pick-pocketing gypsies. Perhaps it was my latent snarl. Or my dirtiness. Or my cleptomania. Either way, I felt kind of inadequate afterwards. So I put a Transylvanian gypsy curse on their Audis.
Ok, because of anonymous' reaction, I think I might need to reframe my argument here, or maybe adjust my preachified tone or something.

I love my students, and am invested in their growth technically. I don't always accomplish this, nor does my exposition regarding contemporary art always yield new opinions. I know this.

I am not enlightened, but what I am and have always been is curious. I always investigated art and art-making and tried to figure out where I fit in. And I'm surprised and underwhelmed when others are apathetic and lack curiosity. Pretentious of me? Self-centric? Maybe, but teaching others (esp. art) is experiential and frankly, it's hard for me to imagine a teacher or teaching style not based on experience. Some people just do a better job at hiding their bias than others.

For the record, I usually assign older artists in tandem with contemporary ones; i.e. I am not totally contempo-centric.

And my students are mostly juniors, not freshmen, which makes me a little more demanding in terms of their art-historical knowledge and concept understanding. I don't expect my freshmen to know Caravaggio, let alone Mike Kelley.

But anon., the beauty and downfall of UT's art dept. is that it is entirely faculty-driven, so of course you're going to get a roller-coastery multitude of opinions. Sometimes it's good, sometimes bad. Tenured or not, everyone has a niche and often a very opaque predisposition. The opposite extreme would be a department that had a consistent aesthetic and conceptual code, stamping every student with a certain look and artistic mission.

So, it's good to have opinions, I just like ones that are well-researched. And I appreciate your response, because it made me think a little about my approach. And that's cool.
There were a lot of shitty insinuations though, my dear anon, some of which you might need to clean up if you want to be taken seriously. And I think you should air your grievances to UT, not me, to some tenured prof. who actually has the power and institutional validation to make things happen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today I got kind of snippy with my kiddies about engaging with contemporary art. If you're not into art that's happening now, what's the point of being in art school? Why pay all that money if you just deride and dismiss anything that's not an easily digestible image on canvas (from the Renaissance)? Why is this anachronistic stronghold so prevalent at UT?

I thought of this comparison post-class:

It's like a med student saying, "I prefer to use Inquisition medical technology, because it's better made. Those torture devices were really stellar. MRI's? Whatever, I really think sawing someone's head open shows a much greater talent and appreciation for the body."

You know I love many things retro, but sheesh, you have to actually attempt to understand what's going on in the art world (and why) to make any kind of smart arguments against it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Also, I recommend going to the Blanton on Thurs. for In Katrina's Wake, a report on artists from and not from New Orleans making work post-Katrina.
They shall be celebrating Workspace on third Thursdays. You can get in free and do yoga in the galleries.

Also, Risa and I are having a Pisces party at the Cockpit on Sat. Rose's band The Guise will be playing---I'm making her cardboard swingdancers for the background.

Here's a 2 second description of my piece from KUT. The show was fun, the work was strong, the opening was absurdly packed. Some of my students came, as well as my Czechmatron Hana Hillerova. I dressed like a 13 year old girl for the opening to match my boarding school. I carried around a cupcake and a little ball-toy. I was a moving target for a vision-impaired pedophile.

I am currently overwhelmed and paralyzed with post-show barfiness. It has been very hard to get out of bed. Tonight Risa is having game night at our place. Arturo wants to play Monopoly. Of course. He's even an entrepeneur in board-game form.

I have a job interview on Wed. in Dallas.

Do you know who I love? Diane Barber. She's the shit. And the Diverseworks mission is good and relevant and actually socially/politically engaged. Thank God for DWorks and Diane.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tonight I went to a bar with Lozano, Arturo and other people whose names end in long vowel sounds. We talked politics and inter-art politics. I realized that I'm horribly addicted to gossip and should think a little more before I speak. I am even addicted to pre-presidential gossip. Like, "Did you know John McCain wears diapers?"

I reread some old blog entries for the first time in quite a while. I feel kinda weird about it. Some of the early ones seem so disingenuous and verbose. Gross. Now, I'm more like Bukowski, concise and only concerned with sex.

It's been 2 and a half years since I started this blog.

I don't know if I told you this dear readers, but I was once a columnist for the famous and well-funded Davidsonian. Yes, I was quite well-known on campus for my quasi=communist views and love of nameless kissing. But what has this all amounted to? I'm not wealthy, nor am I dating a model. I've changed nothing and no one. What does it all mean Alfie?
Why am I here? Why am I participating in a field that at its best is an exchange of luxury commodities, and at its worst is a futile bourgie white people attempt at changing the world?

"Art is for rich stupid people."
-Kanye West

*Kanye West did not actually say that, but I assume he would if given the chance.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boarding School finished!
My life may resume.
Valentine's Day!

*I've been gloriously sleep=deprived for about 2 weeks now. Things that indicate this lack of slumber:
*I thought my car was stolen and even accosted a meter maid, but was actually walking in the wrong direction.
*I ran into a fusebox.
*I cut myself multiple times with a box-cutter (accidentally), and then found my wounds filled with plaster/molding paste. Builds character.
*I let class out 2 hours early.
*I stopped showering.
*My eyes look like little red devils.
*This blogpost is evidence of a brain riddled with sleep holes.

I finally watched The Departed and really enjoyed it even though mob movies are my least favorite movie genre.

Monday, February 11, 2008

This Boarding School project is more than I signed on for. I haven't slept in days and I'm still not done. I want to cry and sleep and cry some more.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today I went to Sonic and decided definitively (and no, I am not joking) that I am going to wear roller-skates around. I am going to roller skate to school and I am going to teach on roller skates. I have had this dream forever and the only reason I never attempted to live it out was because I thought people would think I was stupid. But you know what? People are stupid. Non-roller skating people esp.
Rose is going to give me her old pair, they are white and perfect. She also told me that we can attach some kind of castors or something to my regular shoes, so that all my shoes may be mobile. Anyway, the idea of living in roller skates has been one of my obscure obsessions for a while. Another obscure obsession: spelling. Akeelah and the Bee and Spellbound made me cry. Another obscure obsession: boarding school. But you must know that by now. Oh, boarding school...the blood pacts, the pillowfights, the rowing team.
My boarding school for AMOA is going to be phat (the inside is gilded in goooooooold), you e-people best show up. I may be on roller skates by that point.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I like teaching when students are nice and compliant---unquestioning and totally supple with propagandizing possibilities. But when they exert their so-called "free will," that's when things get sticky. I'm like the Putin of my class. A modern day czar who shuns civil liberties. But it makes things run smoothly, don't it? Admit it, you want to be controlled and coddled like a big commie baby.
I made them listen to Hedwig and the Angry Inch today.

Art is boring so much of the time. But not when Robyn O'Neil goes on Howard Stern. Go to Glasstire to get the specs. I'm going to buy Swedish Fish and cigarettes now.

Monday, February 04, 2008

After an insufferable internetless few days, I am riding the information superhighway again! Hop aboard! Ahoy mateys! Toot, toot?...
I'm glad it's back, I really couldn't take the increased productivity, the reverse of my carpal tunnel or the alleviation of my back pain anymore. Second life, I've missed you. Back pain, I've missed you.

* I don't play Second Life, but someone I know does. Her name rhymes with "Lisa" and she's the assistant curator of an institution that rhymes with "Scranton."

My boarding school is almost finished, thanks in part to the helpful interning of my assistant, Lauren Cardenas, who is much better at cutting foamcore and other manual chores than me. My hands are soft and dainty, like a fine silken doll, or at least some kind of muslin puppet.

I just re-watched Pan's Labryinth. And cried. Franco was a horrible man and I hate him.

Art happenings: Lozano at Mass on Friday. The blogger finally shows his shit. Rumor has it that the installation will be sexy and helium-filled.
AMOA on Fri. the 15th. Come early to see my drunken re-assimilation into civilized human society.
Berryhill and Lauderdale at OK MTN. I like both these boys.