Monday, February 04, 2008

After an insufferable internetless few days, I am riding the information superhighway again! Hop aboard! Ahoy mateys! Toot, toot?...
I'm glad it's back, I really couldn't take the increased productivity, the reverse of my carpal tunnel or the alleviation of my back pain anymore. Second life, I've missed you. Back pain, I've missed you.

* I don't play Second Life, but someone I know does. Her name rhymes with "Lisa" and she's the assistant curator of an institution that rhymes with "Scranton."

My boarding school is almost finished, thanks in part to the helpful interning of my assistant, Lauren Cardenas, who is much better at cutting foamcore and other manual chores than me. My hands are soft and dainty, like a fine silken doll, or at least some kind of muslin puppet.

I just re-watched Pan's Labryinth. And cried. Franco was a horrible man and I hate him.

Art happenings: Lozano at Mass on Friday. The blogger finally shows his shit. Rumor has it that the installation will be sexy and helium-filled.
AMOA on Fri. the 15th. Come early to see my drunken re-assimilation into civilized human society.
Berryhill and Lauderdale at OK MTN. I like both these boys.

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jasper said...

So, I will finally get to introduce myself, see you on the 15th.