Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boarding School finished!
My life may resume.
Valentine's Day!

*I've been gloriously sleep=deprived for about 2 weeks now. Things that indicate this lack of slumber:
*I thought my car was stolen and even accosted a meter maid, but was actually walking in the wrong direction.
*I ran into a fusebox.
*I cut myself multiple times with a box-cutter (accidentally), and then found my wounds filled with plaster/molding paste. Builds character.
*I let class out 2 hours early.
*I stopped showering.
*My eyes look like little red devils.
*This blogpost is evidence of a brain riddled with sleep holes.

I finally watched The Departed and really enjoyed it even though mob movies are my least favorite movie genre.


Shannon said...

Obamarama indeed.

Axel said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! You thought your car was stolen. I laughed and laughed then I stopped cuz you cut yourself.