Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here's a 2 second description of my piece from KUT. The show was fun, the work was strong, the opening was absurdly packed. Some of my students came, as well as my Czechmatron Hana Hillerova. I dressed like a 13 year old girl for the opening to match my boarding school. I carried around a cupcake and a little ball-toy. I was a moving target for a vision-impaired pedophile.

I am currently overwhelmed and paralyzed with post-show barfiness. It has been very hard to get out of bed. Tonight Risa is having game night at our place. Arturo wants to play Monopoly. Of course. He's even an entrepeneur in board-game form.

I have a job interview on Wed. in Dallas.

Do you know who I love? Diane Barber. She's the shit. And the Diverseworks mission is good and relevant and actually socially/politically engaged. Thank God for DWorks and Diane.


ezimmerman said...

I second your love for Diane and Diverse Works…good luck in the Big D.

jasper said...

Boarding school pics?