Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I like teaching when students are nice and compliant---unquestioning and totally supple with propagandizing possibilities. But when they exert their so-called "free will," that's when things get sticky. I'm like the Putin of my class. A modern day czar who shuns civil liberties. But it makes things run smoothly, don't it? Admit it, you want to be controlled and coddled like a big commie baby.
I made them listen to Hedwig and the Angry Inch today.

Art is boring so much of the time. But not when Robyn O'Neil goes on Howard Stern. Go to Glasstire to get the specs. I'm going to buy Swedish Fish and cigarettes now.


Axel said...

Fascist (svelt and sultry) pig. How quickly authority corrupts the young rebel.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Yeah, I like making people do stuff now. It's fun.