Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ok, I need to cleanse my lowbrow palette of the heady discussion below. On wed. I went to Dallas for the CAA conference, which was as I remembered it: a rat race with applicants cloaked in black, everyone finkling on their laptops and chugging whiskey and cokes to soothe their pre-interview jitters. I did not pay to get in again this year---screw you beneficial and informative arts website!

I went by Road Agent, to see the space again so as I can finish (start) my installation there. The current show, "New Art From Chicago," is quite good, and offers a nice smattering of non-functional sculpture (Scott Reber, I think).

Arturo and I went to some fancy party and everyone looked at us like we were pick-pocketing gypsies. Perhaps it was my latent snarl. Or my dirtiness. Or my cleptomania. Either way, I felt kind of inadequate afterwards. So I put a Transylvanian gypsy curse on their Audis.

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