Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today I went to Sonic and decided definitively (and no, I am not joking) that I am going to wear roller-skates around. I am going to roller skate to school and I am going to teach on roller skates. I have had this dream forever and the only reason I never attempted to live it out was because I thought people would think I was stupid. But you know what? People are stupid. Non-roller skating people esp.
Rose is going to give me her old pair, they are white and perfect. She also told me that we can attach some kind of castors or something to my regular shoes, so that all my shoes may be mobile. Anyway, the idea of living in roller skates has been one of my obscure obsessions for a while. Another obscure obsession: spelling. Akeelah and the Bee and Spellbound made me cry. Another obscure obsession: boarding school. But you must know that by now. Oh, boarding school...the blood pacts, the pillowfights, the rowing team.
My boarding school for AMOA is going to be phat (the inside is gilded in goooooooold), you e-people best show up. I may be on roller skates by that point.

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