Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is my life:

1 hour consuming a pot of coffee mixed with Starbux cappuccinos purchased close-eyedly at my local corner store where I am known only as "Camel No. 9."
9 hours of cake-decorating-art-making.
1 hour in the tub getting that bullshit off my body.
1/2 hour of amateur massage therapy where I push really hard on the parts that hurt.
25 minutes surfing the net and deliberately not responding to anyone's emails/phone calls because I am an inconsiderate hobag (I'm sorry to all 3 of you).
1/2 trying to read McSweeney's then getting bored with it's hip, depressed, fiction writer logic.
1/2 hour fantasizing about bicycling down Bernenstrasse with my German love.

*Sadly, this schedule is ridiculously close to being exact.

P.S. I think my mom's getting married to Jonathan the vet. And my little tongue-pierced sister is suddenly more responsible than me. Ch-ch-ch-changes in the Fitzie clan. I think I need to even out the wholesomeness somehow. Hmmmmm...suicide bombing? Concubing? Baby-trafficking? Puppy suffocating? Obama assassinating?

Friday, March 28, 2008

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Davidson's (my tiny 1,500 student college) miraculous basketballery. They made it to the elite eight! I don't really like the "sports" but that's pretty crazy. It makes me a little nostalgic for those times I would almost make it to a basketball game then decide to eat quesadillas by myself instead.
*I did make out with a Davidson basketball player once. Its almost like my tongue is in the elite
I just ate Wendy's.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I decided to quit eating Wendy's after reading the short story "Burgers For Life," about a 30-something slacker who is condemned to eating burgers for the rest of his life. Through Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me I remained unmoved, but in this story someone puts a pube in his burger, which somehow makes the whole thing unpalatable.

In art news; I am so glad that I'm not at the Armory, I do not <3 art fairs. Art Fag City says it's pretty boring and safe too---perhaps on account of the financial fear recently instilled in our country. I don't know what Bear Sterns is, but I understand that I should be deeply concerned with its demise. I just wish the dollar would rise like a crumpled green sea monster.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I don't want to complain too much about my 2 day a week job, but teaching can be really fucking demanding. Not physically, although sometimes my glutes hurt from straddling an easel in fake-casual-I-have-no-ulterior-motive-conversation.
Teaching is hard because you have to achieve a kind of clarity in speaking to students. They need to understand you, which is difficult if your thinking is clouded by Queen ballads, residual Tylenol p.m and vending machine cappuccinos.
Anyway, I get really frustrated, flustered and tongue-tied, and it doesn't help that I look like a 20 year-old playing dress up in her dad's sweater vest.
I shouldn't get so frustrated though, it's not productive for anyone involved. I need to check mahself.

In the hopes of improving my attitude, I am referring to past professors who were helpful and/or awesome. I am going to list my top five favorite classes/profs in High Fidelity fashion:

1. Short Prose Fiction----Dr. Nelson----He was so passionate and full of wisdom. He introduced me to Flannery, Chekov and Oates. He began every class with, "tell me some exciting news," and he gave all his students Bonsai trees at the end of the semester. Mine was smashed (or stolen?) during a roving frat party that ended at my apartment.
2. History of Spanish Cinema---I can't remember the professor's name, something like Guarras, but he cried every time we screened a film, rode a motorcycle and was handsome.
3. Feminism and Visual Politics---Ann Reynolds--- She made us watch The Haunting and read Angela Carter. Femmeawesome.
4. Chemistry of Art and Artifacts--Dr. Beeston--I'm not sure I really excelled in this class, but it was so fascinating. We did cool labs like fresco-making. I learned a lot about the renovation of the Sistine Chapel. And Dr. Beeston took an interest in my art, which was sweet and unexpected.
5. Northern Renaissance---Dr. Serebrennikov---She was so passionate about Brueghel and his defecating peasants, how could I not be?

Maybe the link between all these teachers is passion. I would like that to be the case anyways. Or maybe these were just subjects I enjoy (or learned to enjoy via the profs). But not Chemistry, ew gross.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Trenton's show at Arthouse is tonight. Be there or be Mound-Meat.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here are two amazing things:

The work of Diana Al Hadid (which Risa introduced me to):

An article in the Onion a few weeks ago that I found endlessly hilarious for some reason:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I added some new linx, because I am taking a break to get ready for my impending show at Art Palace and I want you to be more better read when I return.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Whew, just got back from a one-day-too-long trip to Dallas. Did some cheerleading, some cattle branding, some snake charming, some assassinating and some J.R. type manipulating.

I kind of like Dallas. Admittedly, I mostly stay in The Deep Ellum part while visiting, but it has a lot going for it like really delectable and well-priced breakfast establishments. I love breakfast and Dallas delivers in golden chicken-fried spades.
The opening for Road Agent was fun and different, although we had to give an artists' talk, which I always find mortifying. Peat and Sterling did well, but I was asked a question about Catholicism, gothic architecture and sexual deviance, which was a tough issue to deal with quippily in 3 minutes. I think I said something like, "I'm for it!"
Some Dallas punk stole Arturo's "catalytic converter" from his car so we had to stay an extra day and a half.
A lot of spaces had openings the same night as Road Agent.
I saw some shows at Public Trust, Barry Whistler, And/Or---I also saw Banks Violette/Martin Puryear at the Ft. Worth Modern, and a strong group sculpture show at Texas Christian University. TCU, who knew? I think the gallery attendant at the TCU space was scared of us crazy kids cuz we was in search of Bloody Marys (which I don't like by the way). Finally, Lauderdale, Mr.NathanGreen, Lizzie Wetzel, Arturo and I found an appropriate Bloody Mary place in the heart of fake-ass Disneyland Ft. Worth. I liked the architectural blasphemy of their downtown, although I might be the only one.

Dallas Rox!
-As stated by Richard Patterson, b. in Britain.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Omigod, almost done with my stuff for Road Agent ( Today I watched Reno 911 and cake decorated my chandelier some more. I am tired of cake-decorating things. I am not a cake decorator. My arms hurt and are getting bulky like Chyna's. Wah.
I just want to rollerskate and drink Tecates. It's that kind of weather. It's not cake-decorating inside a claustrophobic treehousestudio while you sweat your nonexistent ballz off kind of weather.

New obsessions:
Reno 911.
Dilapidated playgrounds.

Old, but renewed obsessions:
Jennifer Beals.
Banks Violette (who's showing at the Ft. Worth Modern).

Happy Burpday Lozano! Pisces are special.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I just watched The Legend of Billie Jean, which might be my new favorite movie, thanks in part to the awesome ballad "invincible" by Ms. Pat Benatar.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, after Zim-Zam complimented my AMOA video I decided to check it out. I am embarrassed.
Risa said I sounded like a "fucktard" *co. Risa Puleo. My mother said that I looked "dark." Anyway, czech it out!

P.S. Just got back from Zim's show and it looks fab. Czech that out too.
So I was reading Interview when I came across a blurb about my friend Saya. I am so jelly because as you might know, Interview is like my dream magazine. Art, fashion, and celebrity grossness merged in a delectable stew? Yup. Anyway, Saya is an artist-in-residence at the Harlem Museum and is quite brilliant. Here is her website, definitely worth a visit: