Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Omigod, almost done with my stuff for Road Agent ( Today I watched Reno 911 and cake decorated my chandelier some more. I am tired of cake-decorating things. I am not a cake decorator. My arms hurt and are getting bulky like Chyna's. Wah.
I just want to rollerskate and drink Tecates. It's that kind of weather. It's not cake-decorating inside a claustrophobic treehousestudio while you sweat your nonexistent ballz off kind of weather.

New obsessions:
Reno 911.
Dilapidated playgrounds.

Old, but renewed obsessions:
Jennifer Beals.
Banks Violette (who's showing at the Ft. Worth Modern).

Happy Burpday Lozano! Pisces are special.

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