Monday, March 10, 2008

Whew, just got back from a one-day-too-long trip to Dallas. Did some cheerleading, some cattle branding, some snake charming, some assassinating and some J.R. type manipulating.

I kind of like Dallas. Admittedly, I mostly stay in The Deep Ellum part while visiting, but it has a lot going for it like really delectable and well-priced breakfast establishments. I love breakfast and Dallas delivers in golden chicken-fried spades.
The opening for Road Agent was fun and different, although we had to give an artists' talk, which I always find mortifying. Peat and Sterling did well, but I was asked a question about Catholicism, gothic architecture and sexual deviance, which was a tough issue to deal with quippily in 3 minutes. I think I said something like, "I'm for it!"
Some Dallas punk stole Arturo's "catalytic converter" from his car so we had to stay an extra day and a half.
A lot of spaces had openings the same night as Road Agent.
I saw some shows at Public Trust, Barry Whistler, And/Or---I also saw Banks Violette/Martin Puryear at the Ft. Worth Modern, and a strong group sculpture show at Texas Christian University. TCU, who knew? I think the gallery attendant at the TCU space was scared of us crazy kids cuz we was in search of Bloody Marys (which I don't like by the way). Finally, Lauderdale, Mr.NathanGreen, Lizzie Wetzel, Arturo and I found an appropriate Bloody Mary place in the heart of fake-ass Disneyland Ft. Worth. I liked the architectural blasphemy of their downtown, although I might be the only one.

Dallas Rox!
-As stated by Richard Patterson, b. in Britain.


Shannon said...

Was the Banks Violette piece the frothy smashed glass and amplified hoohaw piece? I saw that last year and thought it was the cheese.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

There was a mirrored thing that was supposed to shatter itself, but it was broken...or not broken enough rather.