Sunday, April 06, 2008

Also, as soon as I figure out the technology, I am going to start doing video podcasts as I think they are the waaaaave of the fuuuuuture (slightly spooky intonation---see if I did a video podcast I wouldn't have to actually specify my tone in writing). And maybe some internet Daddy Warbux will pay me for my wisdom and aging child-star good looks. Hopefully I'll have it down by the time I go to Berlin so I can linger creepily in everyone's computer.

Things I will discuss on my podcast: Hospitals. Art. Sex. Television. Movies. Naughty things. Gender deviance. Rich people.

I'm very excited about this.


jasper said...

I predict your video podcast will only nuture my obsession. Good thing you'll be in Berlin.


Did you delete a comment of mine on the 1st or did I forget to post? Hope I didn't offend. Also did you steal any gloves from the hospital?

Anonymous said...

No gloves either. damn.

titus said...

I have totally been thinking the same thing constantly for weeks. Who can read any more anyway? I seems SOOOO 20th century.
El Titu