Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Belated thoughts.

I'm a little late on this, but I liked TDH's ballet a lot. It just made a lot of sense (absurdly logical?) and was kind of inspiring as it showed the possibilities of really fluid, seamless collaboration. I also got to meet and talk with Graham Reynolds, the composer (I hear you're working with him too Shannon), and I have a total musicrush on him. See ZimZam's blog for a more thorough assessment of the show.

Also, seems like Till Richter's getting some spicy dick feedback on Glasstire after his 20 to Watch review. sigh. The review didn't really do much for me, and I agree with a lot of the criticism about his weird anti-Matthew Rodrigiuez diatribe, but insulting someone personally (i.e. "your face is ugly") is just stupid.
but I keep forgetting to link reviews for AMOA, so here are a few: Lozano and ...might be good wrote reviews that mostly deal with the shortcomings of a curated group show based on geography...they raised some good questions, and Claire Rudd offers some possible solutions in her last paragraph (like having a CAM-type project space which I think is a gooood idea). Jeanne-Claire wrote a recent one that I like the best because I'm actually in it and I'm vain like that yo.

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Shannon said...

Yeah, Graham and I are working on a play about professional football. It'll be all about man stuff that's all popular now of days and what not.